Successful body language dating

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Successful body language dating

After each date, participants were required to rate how it went, and were asked to confirm whether or not they were interested in meeting the person again.

From this, researchers found that having an open and expansive nonverbal posture throughout the date made it more likely for a person to want to see them again.

Body language of successful women: Having the ability to read body language like an expert can help you in many situations whether professional, personal or even when it is dangerous.

Understanding the cues or nonverbal actions that men and women take will allow you the ability.

Women have some specific traits that they have when it comes to body language and typically women are softer when it comes to their actions and what they do than what you would find with the body language of a man.

This is not a judgment or a bad thing it just is what it is.

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Having confident, open body language can improve an individual’s success when dating both online and offline, according to the findings of a new US study.

Published earlier this week, the new research by psychologists at the University of California, Berkeley, tested whether individuals are more attracted to people who use expansive body language when dating – a behaviour the researchers describe as expressing dominance and openness.

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