Residents and attendings dating

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Residents and attendings dating

Little has been written about the impact a malpractice lawsuit has on physicians.

But physicians who’ve been sued have a higher rate of suicide, and emergency physician Edwin Leap wrote about how doctors are emotionally scarred from the grueling ordeal of a trial.

But this isolates many physicians during a period for which they are unprepared for: Having a strong social support network is essential when enduring litigation, said John-Henry Pfifferling, Ph D, director of the Center for Professional Well-Being in Durham, N. “You need to talk about your anger or your symptoms of depression.

There’s suffering, and then there’s suffering alone.” He went back to practicing medicine, but the joy of his work diminished.

With so many different medical specialties it's easy to feel confused by the number of people who come into your hospital room to check on you.

Sometimes your doctor may show up along with a whole bunch of medical students.

In March, as I was preparing to graduate from medical school, a resident at one of my institution’s affiliate hospitals jumped to her death from her apartment building.

An attending physician might supervise a team of medical students, residents, and fellows — which means that he or she may bring other people on rounds to visit patients. Doctors on call are there to answer questions and cover emergencies. A fellow has completed medical school and residency training, and is getting additional training in a particular subspecialty, such as heart surgery or kidney problems. Hospitalists are attending physicians who only care for patients who are in the hospital.

These doctors don't have offices where they see patients.

Meredith Grey: We should pretend it never happened.

Because both are fond memories I'd like to hold on to.

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Other times you may not recognize the person leaning over your hospital bed.